Kubernetes icinde elasticsearch cluster

Thu 31 January 2019

K8s ortami olarak GKE kullaniyorum, Elasticsearch surumu oss-6.4.2 Elastic node'lari icin tanimlar;

All nodes know about all the other nodes in the cluster and can forward client requests to the appropriate node. Besides that, each node serves one or more purpose:

  • Master-eligible node: A node that has node.master set to true (default), which makes it eligible to be elected as the master node, which controls the cluster.
  • Data node: A node that has node.data set to true (default). Data nodes hold data and perform data related operations such as CRUD, search, and aggregations.
  • Ingest node A node that has node.ingest set to true (default). Ingest nodes are able to apply an ingest pipeline to a document in order to transform and enrich the document before indexing. With a heavy ingest load, it makes sense to use dedicated ingest nodes and to mark the master and data nodes as node.ingest: false
  • Tribe node A tribe node, configured via the tribe.* settings, is a special type of coordinating only node that can connect to multiple clusters and perform search and other operations across all connected clusters.

Client only nodes are used as load balancers for indexing and searching. if you set node.client: true it implicitly sets node.master and node.data to false.